PointTeen Patti Live Rummy Jai
Sign up bonusThe sign up bonus in teen patti Live app is ₹15. You can get ₹55 sign up bonus
Daily Sign in BonusIn Teen Patti Live you can get a daily login bonus of up to ₹1-₹35 every day. And at the end of 7 day login reward you will have a total of ₹71 in your account balanceThere is no daily login bonus
Minimum WithdrawalThe minimum withdrawal amount in Teen Patti Live app is ₹100Users can withdraw ₹100 or more
Games AvailableThe number of games available in this app is 8There are 24 games in Rummy Jai
Withdrawal OptionsIMPS / BankIMPS and UPI
Changing Withdrawal DetailsYou can change or add as many bank accounts as you want for withdrawalOnce you have saved bank account details or UPI address, it cannot be changed
Referral IncomeReferral income is more than Rummy JaiReferral income is less in Rummy Jai
WagersThe concept of wagers does not exist in Teen Patti LiveWagers are required when you deposit money and earn extra bonuses
Official WebsiteThe official website of Teen Patti Live is TeenPattiLive.OnlineThe official website of Rummy Jai is RummyJai.live
LaunchTeen Patti Live was launched in 2021This was launched in September 2022

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